Techopedia Birthday

long time ago I have started my first blog Got Root? it was well designed at its own time and I love it so much. After that I have started Techopedia by its unique slogan “// Where Tech #defined?. Today Techopedia reached its 3rd year, but I have stopped the task for the re-birth which have planned for it.
I hope to see my dear Techopedia online as soon as possible.


6 thoughts on “Techopedia Birthday

  1. Mehran says:

    techo is dead as DEAD!
    poor dreamers!

  2. saraH says:

    Im so happy for the little baby .
    I HOPE TOO .

  3. Tasdighi says:


    Hope you long life 😀

  4. Greetings for Techopedia birthday and your WordPress blog 😉

  5. Mehran says:

    I still wonder considering you as a mother to techopedia! who the hell was the dad?


  6. aLiHeRmEs says:

    Rise! Rise my friend, pull yourself together and give a renaissance to our dear Techopedia. Make these folks happy and proud again, give us yet another reason to push the “connect” button, to come and see you, to see you as we used to, to see you as we’d like to…

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