Prelude Hybrid IDS

Prelude is an Hybrid IDS framework, that is, it is a product that enable all available security application, be it opensource or proprietary, to report to a centralized system. In order to achieve this task, Prelude relies on the IDMEF (Intrusion Detection Message Exchange Format) IETF standard, that enables different kinds of sensors to generate events using an unified language.

Prelude benefits from its ability to find traces of malicious activity from different sensors (Snort, honeyd, Nessus Vulnerability Scanner, Samhain, over 30 types of systems logs, and many others) in order to better verify an attack and in the end to perform automatic correlation between the various events.

Prelude is commited to providing an Hybrid IDS that offers the ability to unify currently available tools into one, powerful, and distributed application.

Prelude Feature Matrix
Prelude Architecture Guide
Prelude Handbook

Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Fedora is fast moving. It is for people who always want the latest and greatest. The Fedora stream is more revolutionary: Old versions of packages may be quickly cast aside for new ones. Fedora is highly receptive to experimentation. Red Hat Enterprise Linux takes a more conservative approach. Updates tend to be discrete fixes to customer problems. All changes in Red Hat Enterprise Linux have to be weighed against the possibility of introducing regressions for existing customers. From a new feature perspective, Red Hat Enterprise Linux tends to be more evolutionary than revolutionary.

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from DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 152, 22 May 2006