Google Earth for Linux

After a long tiem google released Google Earth for Linux. You can test Beta4 under your linux box and just find some more information here > Google Earth

* Kernel: 2.4 or later
* glibc: 2.3.2 w/ NPTL or later
* XFree86-4.0 or R6.7 or later
* CPU: Pentium 3, 500Mhz
* System Memory (RAM): 128MB
* Hard Disk: 400MB free space
* Network Speed: 128 Kbits/sec
* Screen: 1024×768, 16 bit color
* Tested and works on the following OSs:
Ubuntu 5.10
Suse 10.1
Fedora Core 5
Linspire 5.1
Gentoo 2006.0
Debian 3.1
Red Hat 9

I will try to post some screenshots too ( heh ). And also you can find my places here !


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