I used to act like a real BOFH some month ago hehe ! and it is a really funny job, although it is not a new story, from new series, but let me give u some smile on your face :

"I…" the Boss starts, then thinks the better of it. "So, how do we access the online resources that we used to?"
"Which online resources are they then?"
"Oh, just online stuff. Some of my stuff isn't working any more."
"The online virus downloading site?"
"The Russian 'shareware movie' site that you watch movies on."

"Oh puleese, we monitor peer-to-peer networking like hawks. Mainly to see if there's anything good coming down, but also because it's virus central if you're not too selective about what you download. IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN," the PFY says, nudging the boss's arm.
"No, they said that there were no copyright issues because the site's in Turgekenistan!" >>> BOFH: That security thang

    – BOFH New Series At The Registe
    – The Bastard Operator From Hell ( The Complete WWW Edition )
    – The Compleat BOFH Archives 95-99

Note: is not working as a BOFH Archive now, because it seems Simon Travaglia has lost his Dad. God Bless Him.

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