Good Luck Anousheh

–    Anousheh Ansari, start blogging on her space travel and it seems it has received some great feedbacks from visitors read it here : Anousheh Ansari Space Blog
– Welcome Back Araz !
– The network is the computer, yes from ! there is almost all the office automation tools available in some kind by Network access. and the most common way is Web Access, now it is possible to use Google Calender for any date related activity, using Google Spreadsheet for any  Spreadsheet needed activity and any other application via the web. (of course I am talking about office automation not CAD/CAM !!!)

Online word processors: A hands-on comparison

The last year has seen the first appearance of online word processing applications such as ajaxWrite, ThinkFree Online, Writely, and Zoho Writer. Online office applications are an unproven product in a new market. To see how worthwhile they were, I compared their interfaces, basic and advanced features, and their document export and administration capabilities. The results are not only a summary of the four applications’ strengths and weaknesses, but also an indication of how far online word processors still have to go before they can match their desktop counterparts.

IT Industry Salary Survey

2006 ESJ Salary Survey, Part 1:
Salaries Grow for All IT Staff Positions

IT line positions Average Annual
Salary USD$ 2006
Average Annual
Bonus USD$ 2006
applications systems analysts 70,500 3,500
programmer/analysts 67,400 3,400
application programmers 61,400 2,700
system programmers 69,100 3,000
network administrators 61,300 2,600
system administrators 61,600 3,000
database administrators 75,500 3,800
storage administrators 65,300 3,600