BOFH SysAdmin

It is good or not good to be a System/Network Administrator , and act like BOFH stories? what do you think?

The System Administrator Song

There’s a guy who works in another room, or on another floor.
He’s the one you call, when your document ain’t there no more.
He’s probably a boy, but he might be a girl, or something in between.
He’s the only one in the office who knows what PC Load Letter means.

He’s your system administrator, he’s probably into comic books.
And you tremble in fear when you have to hear one of his “What a dummy!” looks.
Got a virus? Lost your password? Or you just can’t print?
In an hour he’ll show up and crouch and squint.
Fight to save your files, he might be there all day,
But sometimes he just presses Caps Lock and walks away.

(Spoken) But HEY! Suddenly my password works! Wow! Hooray!

Hooray, hooray, oh happy day! I’m gonna buy my guy a gift to say:
Having you around means I get to stay stupid! and uninformed!
And I can keep opening dot e-x-e file attachments,
And forgetting my mother’s maiden name, ’cause you’ll fix it all for me, Yay!

I’ll give you a cake, I’ll give you a hug,
I’ll buy the world’s best System Administrator mug.
Just help me out, system administrator.
Please plug in my mouse, system administrator.
I don’t know which button is the mouse click button, system administrator.

Piss him off, and you’ll be fired by tomorrow morn.
‘Cause he’s the guy who knows that you’ve been surfing porn.
So, make sure you stay nice to your system administrator.

– more: UKUUG System Administrator Day Song
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– YES ! next SAAD is around next summer, but I have just mentioned this poem, because this funny search result appeared in my blog stat BOFH Sysadmin – Google Search LOL I was the first item :))


2 thoughts on “BOFH SysAdmin

  1. nhabibi says:

    JraNil as a BOFH => Poor/Luchy the lusers!

  2. MuZumbu says:

    Ever since I found the Bastard from Hell files, my life as a sysadmin has greatly improved. You will never imagine how many times I have found it handy to know a few lines so that you will make sure the “l-user” never bothers you again unless it’s a matter of life or death.

    Anyway, I’m starting a new blog located named “The life of the normal IT people” where I will post some of my learnings or things that happend to me. Maybe you will drop by. Who knows , you might find something interesting there.


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