Distributed and Parallel Program Execution Runtime

Dapper, standing for Distributed and Parallel Program Execution Runtime, is one such tool for bridging the scientist/programmer’s high level specifications that capture the essence of a program, with the low level mechanisms that reflect the unsavory realities of distributed and parallel computing. Under its dataflow-oriented approach, Dapper enables users to code locally in Java and execute globally on the cloud or grid. The user first writes codelets, or small snippets of code that perform simple tasks and do not, in themselves, constitute a complete program. Afterwards, he or she specifies how those codelets, seen as vertices in the dataflow, transmit data to each other via edge relations. The resulting directed acyclic dataflow graph is a complete program interpretable by the Dapper server, which, upon being contacted by long-lived worker clients, can coordinate a distributed execution.

سهم بازار تولید کنندگان گوشی های موبایل

هرچند اوضاع متغییر اقتصادی اوضاع خرید و ارایه گجت ها را با مشکلات و تغییراتی مواجه کرده است، اما نوآوری ها و ورود خانواده Android تمامی تولید کنندگان را به تحرک انداخته است. امیدوارم این نمودار به زودی با قسمتی زیادی از سطح خانواده Android اشغال شود.