Distributed and Parallel Program Execution Runtime

Dapper, standing for Distributed and Parallel Program Execution Runtime, is one such tool for bridging the scientist/programmer’s high level specifications that capture the essence of a program, with the low level mechanisms that reflect the unsavory realities of distributed and parallel computing. Under its dataflow-oriented approach, Dapper enables users to code locally in Java and execute globally on the cloud or grid. The user first writes codelets, or small snippets of code that perform simple tasks and do not, in themselves, constitute a complete program. Afterwards, he or she specifies how those codelets, seen as vertices in the dataflow, transmit data to each other via edge relations. The resulting directed acyclic dataflow graph is a complete program interpretable by the Dapper server, which, upon being contacted by long-lived worker clients, can coordinate a distributed execution.

HOW TO know more as a newbie?

It is not a long time which ubuntu became one of the most popular Linux distributions. I have received a pack of 10 CDs from ubuntu shipit service and share theme with some friend and colleague. As most of them are completely new to the Linux world I have usually forced to answer lots of question! (Most of the time I am talking about RTFM methodology after two or three times :)) so here , I want to list some of useful internet guide for a Linux SMART newbie:

– Your first place for all the time is our big brother, Google. Don’t hesitate to ask your question from G!
– Most of the famous distributions have their own web forum or community. but for most of the you can refer to LinuxQuestions.
– Up to your languages, there should be some kind of LUG or local community for you area. if you are Iranian or talking Persian you can use Technotux and هزاردستان!
– Talking about Ubuntu, I have to mention Unofficial Ubuntu Starter Guide (Persian) , Ubuntu Blog , Ubuntu Forums
– You can view a long list of Screenshots from different distributions at OSDir Screenshot Gallery. OSDir is a member of O’REILLY NETWORK.
– You can view list of different distributions at the DistroWatch website. If you want to know more about Major Distributions or be aware of the latest news don’t forget to read DW Weekly !
– There is tons of other resource available in the internet, like Linux Documentation Project and mailing lists.

p.s: Add any url you think could be a useful one !

Ubuntu Dapper will have a SPARC Niagara version

Great news for the community and Sun ! Sun and Canonical announced that Ubuntu 6.06 LTS (Long Term Support), the upcoming release of the widely popular GNU/Linux distribution, will support the UltraSPARC T1 processor on Sun Fire T1000 and T2000 servers.

"Ubuntu is arguably one of the most important – if not the most important – GNU/Linux distribution on the planet and will soon blaze new trails in support for SPARC-based servers," said John Fowler, executive vice-president, Systems, Sun Microsystems. "The availability of both Solaris and Linux-based operating systems on the Niagara platform will further expand our lead in delivering chip multi-threaded innovation and choice to customers." [LWN] [Sun News]

Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Fedora is fast moving. It is for people who always want the latest and greatest. The Fedora stream is more revolutionary: Old versions of packages may be quickly cast aside for new ones. Fedora is highly receptive to experimentation. Red Hat Enterprise Linux takes a more conservative approach. Updates tend to be discrete fixes to customer problems. All changes in Red Hat Enterprise Linux have to be weighed against the possibility of introducing regressions for existing customers. From a new feature perspective, Red Hat Enterprise Linux tends to be more evolutionary than revolutionary.

This is a quote from the latestRed Hat Magazine. read the whole story
from DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 152, 22 May 2006