Network Interface Card technologies

After a long time, I have just read another book about server technology and just about it’s hardware and I think it is kind of history book too ! Upgrading and Repairing Servers.
there is an interesting table here about Network Interface Cards (Table 10.1)

NIC Type Interface Speed
2G, 4G, and 10G Ethernet PCI-X 2000Mbps (fibre)
Fast Ethernet PCI, PCI-X, USB 100Mbps max (copper)
Gigabit Ethernet PCI, PCI-X 1000Mbps max (copper)
802.11a PCI, USB 54Mbps max
802. 11b PCI, USB 11Mbps max
802.11g PCI, USB 54Mbps max
Super G or Double G (802.11g) PCI, USB 110Mbps max
Fibre Channel, single channel PCI, USB 100MBps
Fibre Channel, dual channel PCI, USB 200MBps